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TapTap Apk Download

TapTap apk is the foremost alternative that contains different games which you want, compared to the PlayStore or Appstore. Because several gaming categories are featured in this app that you never get on Playstore. So, if you want to download games at a fast speed without any distraction then look over its advanced features, if you’ve any doubt about it.

App Details

App Name:TapTap
Size:67 MB
System Requirements:Android 5+
Developer:Ewan Shanghai Network Technology co.,Ltd
App Version:3.4.5-overseaFull
Last Update:2 Days Ago

What About TapTap APK?

TapTap is an Android app store that primarily features gaming applications in various languages, but people use it for downloading games. There is a Chinese version of the app by default, but you can change the language to Korean, Japanese, or English if you wish. 

Once the TapTap APK download has been completed, you will come across a clean and intuitive interface with several valuable features. There are five tabs on the application’s main page – Home, Rankings, Discover, Library, and Moments. You can download apps you like or want to explore from the Home screen. 

There are two sections, Discover and Rankings, where you can discover trending apps and collections. You can join groups and read recommendations on the Moments tab. You can see your installed apps, updated apps, and apps in the queue in the Library section. 

Furthermore, the advantage of TapTap is that it offers a massive variety of apps developed in a variety of languages as well as authentic reviews submitted by users. Furthermore, the app has a social feature that makes it very easy to find and play games using your Android phone.

The Tap Tap file can easily be downloaded and installed by clicking the download button on the right side of the page. Many of the features of this alternative app store service to the play store are pretty similar to those of the original Android app store as soon as you open it up.

Moreover, one of the app’s advantages is that most of them can be downloaded in both Chinese and Korean.

Moreover, the interface of TapTap is very user-friendly and enjoyable to use. All the apps are arranged neatly and in a way that makes it very easy to browse them. On the top bar, you will find tabs such as For You, Upcoming, Ranking, and Videos. There are also tabs at the bottom that let you toggle between different options.

taptap apk download

Features of TapTap Apk 

There are the following characteristics of this application to make your decision swift;

Collection of Games or Apps

As you can see, the tap-tap app contains a wide range of apps and games that you can play. Those who have yet to find their favourite app or game on the Google Play Store are advised to try the one below. 

Plus, this is because it is one of the most advanced apps available and does not have the strict policies of the Google Play Store. In this way, you can find the games on the tap-tap app even if they are removed from the Google Play Store in the future.

Categories Option 

You can also find it by writing the name of the category in which the game belongs if you do not know the name of the game. If you are a fan of a specific kind of game, for example, if you like to play survival games, then all the games that belong to this category will be shown to you when you click on the survival category.

Sign Up to Access 

Every man and his dog try to access different apps but you can’t download your favorite games on this app, you will first need to create an account and then sign up for the app, just like you do in Google Play Stores when you have to make a Google account before you can download games.

Write your reviews 

As a user of this app, you can write reviews of games efficiently. Also, this will be very beneficial to other users because it’ll give them a clear idea of what kind of game and its features. 

In addition, you will also read the reviews written by other app users who have already used it. By using this method, you will be able to determine whether or not this app will work for you.

Install any Game

This app will allow you to find your favourite games in one place, and you’ll efficiently download different applications for free. You will need to click on the download button at the side of the screen to accomplish this. Moreover, this application can also be downloaded at a very high speed.

Free Premium 

There is also a premium version of this app that needs to be purchased. Still, in the modified version of this app, we have provided you with a way to unlock the premium version of this app, which means all the excellent features of this app will be open to you at no charge.

Save and Secure App

I know many people are trying to avoid this third-party application, but over this page, the Tap Tap apk still be a trusted application and a 100% legit app with no bugs or malware in it, as it is a fully legit app. This app is highly secure, offers fixed content based on Google Play Alerts, and provides instant chat support anytime.

No Limitation:  

With this application, you can download unlimited games without any restrictions, similar to the Google Play store or App Store. For example, if you download a game and don’t like its features or graphics, you can delete it and download a new one.

Easy to Explore

Tap Tap’s UI/UX is superior to other app store apps because the main content is always displayed at the top of the screen. The developers designed this in a way that would allow easy access to read, write or download any app review like action, puzzles, gun fighting, and other multiple categories of gaming genres available on the site.

Unlimited Services:

A large variety of services are available to users, which are open and accessible to anyone who wishes to have fun with them. to have an enjoyable experience. Additionally, users have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique features that are available in the application to maximize their enjoyment.

Pros and Cons

advantages of drawbacks you get on this application while using


  • Community Activity
  • Languages other than English
  • Listed below are some of the most popular games
  • Articles about games
  • You can download games to your Android device
  • You can connect with developers


  • Lags behind
  • There are a large number of similar games

How to Download this App Store on Your Android Devices?

With the click of the download button, you can quickly or efficiently download this Tap Tap application. However, if you would like a step-by-step guide on how to do this, please refer to the following directory:

  • Your Android device must be enabled for installation from unknown sources as a first step. 
  • The Unknown Sources switch should be toggled under Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. 
  • You can download Tap Tap Apk by searching on Google and accessing your web browser. 
  • Whenever you download a file for your Android device, ensure the source is reliable. 
  • You can also download the latest version here.
  • Click the download button to start downloading. 
  • You can install the file once you have successfully downloaded it in the Downloads folder of your Android device. 
  • After installing or creating an account you can download anything.

Wrapping Up

As a gamer, if you experience difficulty finding your favorite games on the Google Play Store, you can download the tap tap app, which contains all the games, including those that have been removed from the Google Play Store. Our website provides a modified version of this app if you wish to use it without any restrictions.

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